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Need so much help... but let's start with art over the fireplace

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

We are redoing our kitchen... which of course has led to redoing the entire first floor and I need some help with our open plan family room.

The plan is to refinish the floors in a darker/browner stain (Provincial perhaps). Just want to get away from the orangey/red tones.

We will also repaint - leaning towards a greige like Edgecomb or Revere Pewter. Trim (and cabinets in open plan room) will be BM White Dove. Will be replacing that awful old table with a rectangular one.

I like my gallery wall and plan to keep that. Don't tell me if you hate it. It makes us happy! :) The sectional will stay for now... running out of money to change that right now but will likely change to more of a khaki color at some point. This room is hard to arrange and I know it's not perfect but we don't want to turn couch as we have a lovely view we enjoy. And TV will not go over fireplace - not a fan of that at all and couch is way too close to look up.

But my immediate dilemna is what size art to place over the fireplace. I've had the black framed painting for years. It was a wedding gift from a talented friend - scene from our honeymoon. But I've always felt it wasn't wide enough for the space. And I may be ready for something new there - moving more towards blues/greens and less with the reds/yellows.

I ordered the new larger painting but think it's just TOO big. Or just not right. Maybe too many rectangles with the fireplace and TV???

I put that other pic up just to look at another size. I had thought I'd be wise to stay away from a matted print because I have so many mattes on the other wall.

What are your ideas??? Share away! A mirror doesn't really make sense because it would just reflect the kitchen. What size/type of art would you do??

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