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?Upload video - PS elements premier 2019

3 years ago

I have not edited any video for a few years (free program? back then), then a disk crash and a few other life events took me away from the process.

I have an older, non hd Sony digital 8 camcorder and a bundle of PS Elements 2019 and Premier Elements 2019. (and I wish that Adobe would sort of stick with a version naming convention.)

I have a likely no-brainer question: How to I upload to PC from my digital 8 camcorder. I have one of those digicam to USB cables. In my previous near freeby video editor, I could just start the software, connect to the camcorder and view forward, backward, capture, grab frame and simple. Hollywood is not going to be dialing my number, nor youtube. I just want simple features for now.

The HELP feature is so encompassing that I can learn about every single product overall. But I don't see any Easy fast answer to a simple question (could be "me") -- How to import footage from my video camera (Sony blah blah digital 8 something).


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