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How do I add green to a brick patio without spending all my savings?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

We have this stark front patio w/ a white wall - zone 9a. It gets full sun all day long.

I think a potted succulent garden would look awesome, with lots of big aloes, yucca, agave, and euphorbia ... but I cannot afford more than a couple big pots. I live in South Africa and have yet to find a source for ANY large pots that’s less than $60/pot.

Could I build a bed out of brick or pallets along that white wall? How could I get it to drain without turning the whole surface into a mud bath during our intense summer storms? What would you do with this tricky space? I also thought of placing an umbrella or shade sail, but that doesn’t solve the pot problem.

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