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Slightly OT - Do I save the brick from old chimney for projects?

I've been lurking over here for awhile (drooling over your gardens!) but we're still in the building/remodeling phase of our project, so I spend most of my time on the "other side" (THS). But you guys seemed like the perfect ones to ask this question of...

The old brick chimney on the house has to come down, and I told DH I want him to save the brick! Is that crazy? He thinks so... can't imagine wanting to store it, clean it, find a use for it, etc. I don't know how I'd get the old mortar off, either! But couldn't I use it for something? Paths? Garden edging? Outdoor fireplace (okay, maybe a little adventurous!)? Help me with ideas so DH won't throw the bricks in the dumpster tomorrow! TIA!

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