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Backyard Landscaping Help

5 years ago

Would love some help trying to figure out what to do with backyard. Removed ten leyland cypresses that bisected the yard last year and replaced with sod. Line in middle of yard is where cypresses were planted. Lost some privacy but doubled the size of the lawn. Now trying to figure out what to do next. Planted some little gems on back fence after we removed cypresses—not in love with little gems but they’re staying put, so would like to do more back there. Not worried about privacy on back fence because neighbors planted green giants on other side of fence a couple years ago. Should start growing higher than the fence this year. Also interested in ideas for beds on left and right side of lawn. I personally think lawn is a little too wide/expansive and that beds should be deeper. Would like to “shape” lawn so it less rectangular, but not sure what the best look would be. In the summer, all beds will have 1-4 hours of sun. Most everything except lawn will be under tree cover. That’s a pecan tree in the back left corner and a poplar in the back right corner. Removing the last leyland cypress on the right (wife made me keep it up) in a couple weeks. So pretty much a blank canvas outside the little gems. We’re in Atlanta. Happy to provide additional pictures/info. Thanks so much!

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