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Houzz Slow Loading Forums and Pages?

vgkg Z-7 Va
3 years ago

Computer novice here so not sure what the problem is. The short version :

This site (no other sites) is very slow to load lately. It takes about 15 seconds to open a forum and another 15 seconds to load a page of that forum. It used to be very quick at 1-2 seconds. I tried a couple of things like unplugging the pc and also unplugging the router for a few minutes but that was unhelpful to speed thing up.

One thing I see popping up in the address box is a tiny icon that says "This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources". Is that a problem? I use google chrome with Norton security and run a full systems scan weekly, no help there. Cookie overload? Any advice to speed thing up is greater appreciated. Thanks.

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