Sick King Protea (immature plant)

Jamie Parker
2 years ago


I bought 2 King Protea's around 3 months ago. One is absolutely thriving and loving life and the other has become unwell within the last month.

It appeared to be affected by the heat wave over christmas/ new year with wilting leaves and reduction in new growth. Upon inspection (today), the leaves lower to the ground are falling off, they have gone a golden brown and have dried out completely. On those dead leaves there are raised textured spots. The brown leaves is starting to spread up into other leaves.

The Protea is planted in a raised garden bed next to 2 kangaroo paws, I've checked the pH of the soil and appears to be fine (pH 6 to 6.5 ), and the surrounding plants are growing well. The happier Protea has the exact same position in a raised garden bed, etc. They get watered daily to second daily (depending on rain), there are been no fertilisers applied.

I've attached photos of both protea's to get a visual idea of sadness that one plant is experiencing, and close up photos of the brown leaves.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to lose this gorgeous plant!



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