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Installing New Roof Should I put in Skylights or Solatubes?

Los Feliz Girl
3 years ago

I just bought my first house and am putting on a new roof and am a total novice at all this home improvement stuff. I do know that light is important in a space and know I want more of it and the right color temp. I was sold on the idea of Solatubes for some darker, north facing areas of the house but now am thinking that actually seeing the sky though a skylight will have added benefits but I have heard so many horror stories of leaky skylights so I defaulted to thinking I would go with Solatubes. Then I started thinking installing skylights while I'm doing a new roof might make it less likely to leak....everything will be new and tight. I'm also thinking the color temperature of the light through the skylights might be a touch more pleasing--slightly warmer but still bright compared to the Solatubes. I guess my fear about the Solatubes is that they will have an intense glare to them and play like florescent lighting. My fear about skylights is they will leak! Any advice is much appreciated. The rooms I was going to install in are kitchen and bathroom. Sure would be nice to see the sky. Is it worth it and if so what kind of skylights?

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