Need help with structure/design to support desktop in home office

2 years ago

We are adding a desk top to our home office and need advice on the support structure to hold up the desk top safely where there is no file drawer support. I have posted a schematic of the plan for supports in the cozy 5'x7' office (in a NYC apartment). We are putting in an L-shaped desktop. Underneath the shorter side there is a 37" wide x 24" deep built-in file drawer We have been advised to have leg and ledge supports, which seem very practical. We have also been having a debate about whether we can put the desk top on the suggested supports along the long side OR if we should put cabinet grade 3/4" plywood on top of the supports and the desk top material on top of the plywood.

Here are my questions: 1) Does the plywood provide support? (I read that plywood provides height but not support 2) Or can we put our desk top material (at the moment we are thinking Quartz) on substantial supports without the plywood. 3) What other recommendations do you have to make this safe and only as complicated as it needs to be : )

Notes: We have been told the desk top will need to be in two pieces, but the seam can be at the mid point of the file drawer for strength. We would like to use 3cm material for desk top, rather than 2cm material with a built up edge. MANY THANKS!!

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