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EMPTY & the *biggest challenge* is how to set up the main/living room

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

My son needs help with his first apartment, a 370 square foot studio. I am excited for him! Right now it's empty, except for an air mattress and some essentials, and he wants to get things set up. I need your help with this; it’s been a long time since I lived in an apartment.

Can you please share advice/direction on what he should get and on how to best arrange things? We know this means everything in the four areas of his apartment will need to be functional, efficient, and well thought out.

#1 The *biggest challenge* is how to set up the main/living room space. It measures 13'6" x 10'6" and is the room where so many important things take place. You know, things like eating, watching TV, studying, computer gaming w/2 screens, and socializing. (It’s anybody’s guess how much of which activity takes place most frequently-haha!)

#2 There is a sleeping area, with just enough room for a full size bed and small side table. It does have a closet that can be made more functional than just a place to hang shirts. There may be enough room to put some kind of drawers inside it which he needs.

#3 The bathroom has one small cabinet under the sink. Not quite enough space for towels and toilet paper.

#4 The kitchen is so skinny and is standing room only; it has the basics AND a tiny dishwasher, yay!

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