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Electrical problem with bathroom light fixture?

5 years ago
About a year ago the ceiling light fixture in our bathroom stopped working. Bulbs were fine and a voltage tester showed current in the wires, but no light. So I replaced the fixture, which worked for this past year. Now that one has stopped working too. Again bulbs were fine and there was voltage in the wires and even in the socket. I even tested the switch. But I noticed that as soon as I plugged in a bulb the voltage disappeared, even all the way back at the switch. I again installed a new fixture, but it’s not working either. Same deal, voltage disappears as soon as a bulb is in. Obviously I double checked all the connections. I’ve tried looking it up but can’t find anything matching this situation. I have the same fixture in the other bathroom and it’s still working fine. Any suggestions? Could the switch have gone bad and can’t handle the load? Thanks.

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