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Need help identifying my current engineering wood flooring.

5 years ago

Hello fellow Houzz members. I just completed a 2 month Kitchen Renovation. The problem I am having is matching the current wood flooring currently in my home. I took the chance and ordered online and it was not even close...I have the option to sand the wood I bought and stain to match....Another option is post couple pics online and pray someone would be able to recognize what I have..And just rip the current flooring out .

here are couple pics of the engineering wood flooring throughout my home...I hope you guys can help...I was told the wood spieces is Brazilian Cherry or Santos Mahagony. help

below are pics I of the finished kitchen with the wrong flooring

The color I bought was natural Brazilian cherry....The color was waaaaay off.

patern is correry its just not red enough...I know Brazilian tend to get darker with time...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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