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How much variation of pattern is normal in Marble, Calacatta

5 years ago
Hello all,
I ordered 200 sq frond Calacatta marble tiles from a local vendor. I was expecting variation and prepared that it may not look like showroom display due to batch variations, but I feel these tiles are all so different. I asked the store and they assure me they are all from the same lot.
My question for those of you who have worked with this how it normally comes out?

I see these pics on Houzz and Pinterest where the marble is more evenly veined. I feel like I was given a mismatch of batches. I also have 3 time more plain white tiles then the pattern.
These tiles will be cut 6x12 for a shower and wainscoting wall. I’m wondering if I should fight back harder to exchange them? Or will they look ok once they are cut? Would you request the first batch be switched out?

I did order additional 160sq feet and that lot was more cohesive- that is last pic. That is when I become more concerned. Why was the first order so mixed up and second order more evening mixed with less white tile.

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