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Turducken.....kind of

3 years ago

I've been goofing off all week at the Great Lakes Fruit and Vegetable Expo down in Grand Rapids. It's gotten pretty big, over 4,000 attendees last year, bigger this year. Elery doesn't go, he says it gives me a chance to "be with my own kind", LOL. Instead he stayed home with the dog and the cats and played in the kitchen without me to bother him.

So, as happens when unsupervised, he decided to go big and make a turducken. Then reality struck and he remembered there were only two of us. So.......downsize, yeah, that's it. He took one of our homegrown ducks from the freezer, as well as one of the chickens, but he had to buy a turkey breast. He boned the breasts from all of those things and flattened the now boneless turkey breast, layered on the duck breast, which he had to bone in two pieces. Because it had to be roll and it wasn't holding together all that well, he added some stuffing, then the chicken breast. Afraid it would be dry with just the breast meats, he thawed a package of our home smoked bacon, rolled up the lot, tied it, and draped the top with the bacon, then baked it.

Yes, it was very good. It was very good as it was, but I decided to gild the lily and add some home canned plum sauce. Elery said it wasn't hard to assemble and he might make another one to take to his son's home for their Christmas celebration. I'm not really sure it was the best choice since we are supposed to be dieting, LOL, but it was really good!