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Not so traditional Thanksgiving

5 years ago

I'm not feeling traditional or nastalgic. Thanksgiving is just another day to me. No huge family getogether due to health and lication issues. Just 3 people sharing a meal here. But I want to make something special that I really love eating. I don't want to deal with a turkey and all the fixings, and then deal with the leftovers for 3 days. Turkey soup turkey tacos, turkey tetrazinni. I'm making steak au pouvre, and lobster. I love steak au pouvre. It's simple to make but oh how delicious! Filet mignon cooked to perfection and topped with an intoxicating lucious sauce made from cream, cognac, and crushed, fresh, black peppercorns. Every forkfull is an orgasmic experience! You all enjoy your birds! :)