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Fake Microsoft Alert?

4 years ago

Hi, all

Need some guidance here. My aunt's windows 7 laptop got a full screen Microsoft (or *supposedly* Microsoft) warning: Virus Alert from Microsoft. This computer blocked. Don't close window or restart. Computer's registery key blocked. Why: reg. key illegal, sending virus, hacked or used from undefined location. Contact MS helpline to reactivate. #1-888-673-2809

It does have two options: ignore alert or chat.

I figure it's probably a scam (I know there are many such around), but it is presently in full screen and even unplugging the computer doesn't remove the warning (she says).

She says this happened when she just went to

Can this be legit? If not, what if clicking "ignore alert" won't get me out of the window. How to get to a point where I can do scans for her?

Thanks. :-)

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