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Son getting married! I want to make favors for the wedding/rehearsal.

So my son and his fiancée have announced they want to set their wedding date in April 2019. They are both pretty casual and dont want anything terribly involved or over the top. My son‘s grandparents on his fathers side have a family farm just north of here and since that is where they got engaged they want to have the weeding there. The good part being they arent having to search for a venue.

Anyway, early on in their relationship they stayed at our mountain cabin and I left them a bottle of sparkling Rosé that became their signature drink of sorts. (I always have good Rosé in the house)

I mentioned to them that I’d love to make Rosé gummies as a favor. They loved that as they have had my Rosé gummies before and love them. My issue is that I’m used to making small batches and I generally keep them refrigerated. Does anyone have any knowledge of candy making or know of a good source for me to do a bit of research on whether this is doable?

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