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Please, help to set, decorate an office !!!

Leo Leo
4 years ago

Hello! I need your help. I would like to have an office at home. However, I have a small budget. I have looked for different options, but most of them are very expensive. That's why I decided to focus on Ikea. I think the series that could be an option is Kallax, in white. The reason I chose this color is that the desks in this series are only in black or white. Kallax also offers the possibility to place drawers, doors and other accessories in white or wood, blue or green. Which colors combine well? In what proportion? I don’t have any idea  I need two desks, a place to store a printer, several drawers and of course where to place books, documents and files. I made some simulations that I send you using the libraries of the mentioned serie; as well as the dimensions of the room. What do you think of the distribution? What colors for the wall? decoration? Thank you very much in advance for your ideas, suggestions and comments.

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