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A visit to gdinie's colorful garden this morning

We dropped by gdinie's this morning to check out the fall flowers there. The visit was planned for when the asters were in bloom. There were indeed asters (such as in the rose and aster combination below....) but there were lots of other striking plants and combinations too.

The first thing that grabbed our attention when entering the garden was a combination of a toad lily with her perennial begonia - flowering together and both very striking! (We've got our fingers crossed that our baby begonia survives this winter...!)

And then there was a lovey purple puddle of Colchicums and Verbena bonariensis:

And the striking carnivorous cactus in a hanging basket - the flowers were about to open so gdinie opened one to show us - fortunately it wasn't broadcasting its scent! :-)

And then there was the very tall willow leaved sunflower which was arching over part of the garden - monarch butterflies were checking it out.... It looked to me like a Regal Lily on steroids with sunflowers grafted on ! :-)

And then there was a rose with very showy hips - there were asters, a phlox and a butterfly bush near it too, with the sunflowers leaning down to join the scene..

I'm probably running out of space for posting pictures, so I'll stop now....

gdinie's garden has lots to see whatever time we visit. Thanks for another great visit to your garden, gdinie!

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