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Heptacodium is ready; monarch butterflies are late!

The Heptacodium tree has been in full bloom for a few days now. There has been some monarch butterfly feeding activity but only a few so far. There have been quite a few hummingbirds though. Last year was an outstanding monarch year for the tree. DH's records show that Sept. 23 was the day when the number of monarchs feeding on the tree peaked last year. There are supposed to be high winds here later today so I assume the butterflies will not be on the move today either! So it looks like this is either going to be a poor monarch year here or else they are running late in their migration this year.

Here is what is waiting for them here:

(the camera/picture was tilted, not the arbour!)

Note that there are a couple of late hibiscus flowers making a show :-) This morning there are a couple of white Henryi clematis flowers open at the center top of the arbour.

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