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Choosing a a paint color for a dark living room

5 years ago

My living room doesn't have much of natural light with only one medium sized west facing window - and I live in a bit of a valley so even that is quite shady. My carpet is beige and couch is dark gray.
I'm looking for a grayish neutral with a bit of punch and can't seem to find anything that works. So far I've tried samples of the following BM colors (not happy with any so far... they look NOTHING like pinterest photos!):

Revere Pewter - too mauve and washed out

Edgecomb Gray - too pink and washed out

Rockport Gray - too taupe/purple

Piedmont Gray - too green

Sea Haze - close... but a bit too cool

Suggestions??? Doesn't have to be in the gray family - I'll consider any neutral - light or dark - and if I have to will use color instead.


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