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Melt & Pour from scratch

Shawna Rust
5 years ago

Hi, I am wanting to make GOAT MILK MELT & POUR BASE from scratch. I already create goat milk soaps using cold process. I would like to make my own melt & pour base so that I can try out some scents without making full batches, for those 'one-off' custom scents. I saw the thread below, but honestly there was no clear cut answer. I just need a simple 'Yes' or 'No'...

Can I make a Melt & Pour Base by making my cold process recipe without any coloring or fragrance, and after the curing time is over - melt it down to add coloring and scent to create new soaps? If yes, is the soap ready once it cools? Are there any other things to consider? If no, how do I go about making my own base. Please do not tell me to go buy my base - I prefer to make my own.

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