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Deck Posts & Top Rail for Cable Railing?

Nancy Trainer
4 years ago

We're about to replace our old, standard deck with a new ipe deck that contains a pergola, which we will also make out of ipe in order to have the entire structure weather together. (As beautiful as ipe is, we will not be sealing it to keep the initial color, because we need more maintenance like a hole in the head.)

We'd like to use cable railing around the areas of the deck that require it. Turns out that the code in our neck of the woods prohibits the use of foreign-sourced woods for posts and railings, so we cannot use ipe for either the posts or the top rail. Our builder is suggesting we bypass the American choices that would initially blend in, like redwood, because we are balking at ANY maintenance. So they're suggesting we go all the way to a metal (likely aluminum) railing.

While I appreciate the fact that our builder is listening to our wishes about maintenance, I do love the look of cable railing with wood posts/top rail. I like it much better than the more industrial look of having a metal system with what's already a pretty modern cable system.... Is our builder right that we would have to maintain redwood by periodically sealing it? How often?

Any and all thoughts/opinions are welcome!

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