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Where can I buy some decent clothes

5 years ago

I am just desperate to find some new casual clothes for work. I was last year too and tried StitchFix - that didn't do anything for me and I don't want the same clothes my coworkers have (which happened with one of the sweaters I kept). I've looked online and looked in bricks and mortar stores and everything looks awful and/or boring to me no matter what the price.

I mainly just need some interesting, somewhat fashionable tops that don't look like a sack and/or my grandmother's drapery fabric. I'd like something that doesn't look like a cheap hunk of fabric thrown together with no style or shape. Maybe it's just me and I'm an old bag but every thing I see looks stupid or it looks like what I already have (basic turtleneck and crewneck sweaters of every color and variety). I'm in good shape, not overweight and I like something a little bit tailored or a layer of some sort over something that's tucked in. I have pants - jeans of every color and some nicer slim leg ankle pants (I don't do skinny pants or leggings - not a good look with a prosthetic leg).

I long for some kind of casual jacket in an interesting pattern or a vest of some sort. There are lots of those short cardigans but for some reason they don't look good on me. I like something a little longer I guess but not down to my knees. There are lots of those open cardigans with uneven floating bottoms. Okay so I have one of those - it's not particularly flattering on me and I wear it but I don't want a bunch more of those. I have broad shoulders so all the sack like tops just make me look bigger and I don't have belly I need to cover up. It seems the peasant look is popular - not sure I can go for the retro-hippy look at this stage of life but I'm considering it.

Uggghhhh......does anyone have an obscure women's clothing source that I might have missed in my search? I've been wearing some of the same stuff for 10-15 years and it's getting embarrassing.

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