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Help IDing tile trim, American Olean / Daltile. I'm at a loss

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Our bathroom has American Olean St Germain tile in blanc, I'm getting our shower replaced with a bathtub and we really want to avoid replacing the floors/trim to keep costs down. I ordered the corresponding bullnose trim, only to realize that whatever trim is in my bathroom is not the standard trim offered by American Olean for that line.

I only need about 4 pieces of trim. Our reno is happening in 2 weeks, I am not only trim-less but I have NO clue what the trim even is so it's impossible to order.

This trim is elusive. I've seen some photos on houzz of people with this same trim, and in all of them there is someone asking the professional about the trim-- and receiving no answers. I've spent many hours of my life at this point trying to research. I reverse google image searched, I called American Olean's customer support, I've emailed them, I've gone to lowe's, home depot, & local tile stores to no avail.

I grabbed this pic off a realtor listing of another person's bathroom in my condo's building. It is way more clear than the ones I tried to take of my own bathroom:

This is a closeup:

Differences from the the standard AO trim:

- These tiles are around 4 x 12, the standard trim is 3 x 12

- There's a strange contrasting brownish-grayish stripe on the bullnose

- The stripe effect of the "linen" pattern runs horizontally, the standard trim pattern is running vertically.

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