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Help! Leathered Granite nightmare!

5 years ago

Hey all,

I am just trying to finish up complete gut job kitchen remodel. I fell in love with the leathered look of granite and we purchased 2 slabs of "Azul Sea" also known as "Blue Oceano". The fabricators put down 2 coats of sealer and recommended that I put on another after they leave. Which, I did. Yesterday, I noticed a water mark from a cup so I actually put on a 4th coat! Today was our first official breakfast making and it already has 3 grease marks on it and that was with us being careful. I am devastated. Everything article I read before purchasing talks about how leathered is the same as polished. I literally feel like I bought a sponge for countertops. Has anyone run into this? Is there any solution?

Thank you in advance for your time.

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