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Looking for help on questions around master bath remodel

last month


We are looking to refinish our master bathroom. Major goals are to update with new tile floor to ceiling and fix the vanity so both sinks have the same height. There are a number of other things we are looking at as well and would like some advice to ensure changes would be appropriate for 2024.

Open Questions for bathroom remodel

1. Center section of the vanity is currently unused. Mirror is too far away for my wife to put makeup and the single drawer in the middle is not usable? Do we just eliminate and add more storage?

2. What to do with the current linen closet? Replace the door or convert into something different?

3. Medicine cabinets… They seem to be out of fashion. Should we remove them in a bathroom remodel? My wife likes the concealed storage so what is a good modern replacement?

4. We like the current jacuzzi tub but it’s showing it’s age and the faucet needs to be fixed as it doesn’t extend far enough into tub. We also would like to add a sprayer. Is it possible to refinish the tub? Or do we add a new drop in or replace with a stand alone tub?

5. Regarding a new stand alone tub are there any recommendations on a stand along jetted tub?

6. Shower door. Should we keep the small side walls or remove them for a larger seamless glass door entry? I would like a place for bath towels closer to the shower but all of the walls are quite narrow. Thoughts?

Here are pics of our current bathroom.

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