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Finches Disappeared?

5 years ago

I currently have a feeder that looks like this:

At one point i had finches all over this thing. Now i haven't seen one in ages. I'm guessing after it rains the seeds get wet and the finches no long like it anymore. I've looked for signed of mold or what not and i don't have any but all i can tell you is there are no finches. As you can tell from my feeder it does have some rain protection but its probably not going to be much is my guess.

Kind of bumbed because finches our some of our favorite bids to watch. I'm thinking on switching to the following feeder:

with the following rain hood:

I've heard good things about Droll Yankees feeders but non of them have any rain protection at all. In general how often should i be changing out the seed in my feeder even if it hasn't been consumed.

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