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Quartz window sill - install before or after backsplash tile?

This may seem like a silly question but I'll ask it anyway.

I recently got quartz countertops and decided to get a new backsplash. The current backsplash is 4x4 white ceramic tile. It's not horrible, but I'm itching for something different since I've lived with it for 16 years.

The windows over my kitchen sink are two casement windows and the window sill bumps out about 11 inches. The builder tiled both the window sill and the sides of the window with the ceramic tiles.

I decided to get the matching quartz for the window sill (not sure why I didn't think of it before, but better late than never). My question is - should the quartz be installed before the new backsplash tile goes up, or after? And along with that, should the fabricator measure before or after the new tile is installed? In other words, should I have the tile guy demo, patch the drywall, then have the fabricator come out to measure, or after all the tile is done (and the window sill would just be drywall).

Sorry for the dumb question!

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