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Need help ASAP! Exterior update needed before loss of insurance

J. Montie
4 years ago

We bought a home in 2005, and quickly learned that it would be a little more than a "fixer upper". After problems of water leaking in through basement, electrical needing to be rewired, plumbing needed new pipes, heat that never seems to make it to the upstairs bedrooms, and a large backroom that was never used; we have done much work inside, although we still cannot figure out the heating never going to the 2 upper bedrooms. My spouse has had MS since 2003 that has had major set backs in he last 2 years and can no longer work but in 2017 we were told to get a new roof and siding or we would lose our home owners insurance. No with a spouse no longer working, 2 young children, we managed to replace our entire roof, but on 12/31/17 we were still cancelled and now have until 10/15/18 to get new siding or we will face the same situation.

We need to know how to replace this current siding that is literally falling apart in some areas, need new facia, window and door trim, and what to do with the strange front porch, and all the while keep the cost manageable. HELP!!!

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