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Growing grapes/making wine - when to harvest?

We have lots of grape clusters on our 20 year old Golden Muscat vines. We are in coastal California about 1/4 mile from the pacific. Last year was our first attempt at making wine and we harvested on August 11th & 12th. We produced 40 bottles of wine. The wine was good but not great - it was crystal clear but a little too dry for my taste and with a bit of a strange flavor. Our sense is that we harvested too soon. It is now two weeks later and the grapes seem ready. We are also noticing that the area near our vines smells like wine, presumably because the grapes are dropping and fermenting. Do we harvest now or let them go? I worry we are making the same mistake, but then again what if we wait too long and end up with nothing. We would appreciate any advice.

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