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Help! My Majesty Palm dying by the hour

I mean this without an ounce of melodrama. I had purchased my Majesty Palm from IKEA this January and it had been doing well through winter, spring, and summer up until three weeks ago when it was repotted with MiracleGro potting soil. Although I could have been a bit more regular with the watering, the soil (prior to and after repotting) had not been overly dry nor wet, just an okay medium moist. Originally, my palm had 5 fronds and in this short time span all but one have died off. The dying off would start with a few leaves turning brown and very quickly progress down the frond. Some fronds were dried out at the crown and others appeared to be rotted. I had cut all of the sick/dried fronds off. There was a new shoot coming up that is green with slightly brown tips. After a close inspection I had noticed scale bugs on the leaves and a very small cotton web looking thing on the crown which I suspect is the doing of spider mites. I have seen some very small brownish bugs run out of the crown (yuck) when I pulled back the sick fronds to investigate. I think the bugs are living in the crown but I am not too sure of their identity. I took the plant out of the pot and the roots are doing very good, all are alive and showing new growth. Upon my mother's suggestion I baked the soil in the oven at 350 degrees for about half an hour and am currently waiting to place the palm back in the treated soil. If anyone knows how to deal with these pests please let me know. I really love this palm and do not want to lose her. Below are some pictures of the dying/dead leaves :(

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