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Concrete experts needed, bumps in new concrete driveway.

5 years ago

We had a new concrete driveway poured in June 2018. We noticed something strange looking the other evening, when looking at the concrete in the evening when shadows were strong, we noticed that what looked like bumps in the concrete, you could actually see shadows from the bumps. If you look at the picture attached it is where there looks like white-ish spots. This is happening over a large part of a very large driveway and patio and want to know if it is something we need to worry about.

I don't know much about concrete so can't really give any more information other than it was poured over two days, and broom finished, and poured in June. I don't remember if it rained or was dry when it was poured.

Any advice would be appreciated. I don't want to worry about something that is not really an issue, but if it is, I want to address it with our general contractor who is in charge of this while he is still around (we are having upgraded done with the cottage also) and that is still in progress.

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