Need some tips on handling foreign brides.

randy stewarts

I’m a wedding planner/organizer by profession. Truth be told, I don’t have that much experience in the industry but I’m doing the best I can. We will be working on a wedding next month with a foreign couple. I’m usually the one who handles everything on behalf of the bride during the day so I need some tips and advice on how to handle brides from foreign countries. Do they need special accommodations? What are the kinds of services they are used to when under pressure? What kind of snacks should I offer them during breaks or when they’re hungry? Thanks so much in advance.

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Why don't you ask the bride? Every culture/country would have different customs. At least you can google "Weddings in ____ country" and get some info.

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Foreign? Like from Canada?

Have you ever planned a wedding before? How did this bride find you?

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Hot dogs, but make sure they’re kosher, and no mustard in case they get it on their dress.

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Well, I know why you're asking. You really have to be sure you feed foreign brides when they're even a little bit peckish or you run the risk of this.

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Thabang Mabuza

ask them what they want

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