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Chinese wisteria summer bloom #2!

woodyoak zone 5 southern Ont., Canada
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I'm sure I posted pictures a couple of weeks ago showing the Chinese wisteria doing a decent secondary summer bloom after not blooming this spring. I can't find the thread - maybe it was just on the Vines forum; I didn't look there..... We noticed this morning that it is doing another bloom flush after the first one mostly finished! Since we got no spring bloom on it this year, it is obviously busy rebuilding flowering wood! We've got our fingers crossed that we'll have a decent winter this year and a good spring bloom from it next spring!

summer flowers July 1:

Those ones lasted a week or so, then it took a break and now it's producing more - photo taken just now:

It looks like the clematis that grew into the wisteria is not going to recover - you can see the tangle of brown stems on the right. There are a couple of new green stems in there but they aren't very vigorous. Most of the wisteria flowers are on the side shown - the side that faces the road and gets more sun. There are some on the other side too but not as many:

It's been a very odd year for this 'tree'!

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