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Four years and two babies later…the kitchen is finally (almost) ready

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

First, you should know that before the character limit kicked in in the heading, it read “four years, two babies, one lawsuit and many many gray hairs later”.

Some time in 2014 I first [posted[( on gardenweb to ask for help with the kitchen layout when I began to suspect that the kitchen “designer” we hired to help with our new(ish) build just wasn’t going to be simpatico. Very nice woman and all, but hopelessly traditional, and pre-existing relationships made getting rid of her tricky.

Anyway, the advice I received in that first thread opened my eyes and thanks to the generosity of @lavender_lass, @jennifer132, @cam349, mama goose, and so many others, produced a fantastic layout that became the blueprint for the kitchen of my dreams.

It’s been four years since that thread. In that time, we started, suspended, restarted, and finally completed our house, ditched our first contractor and sued him for all our money (got back), spent 16 months in a one-bedroom apartment with two children (“it’s only for three months” – I said to the landlord first, ha!), moved in when it was just barely finished (couldn’t take the apartment life anymore), and made this kitchen come true by the dint of careful shopping, many hours of husband nagging, and embracing life on a shoestring. Here it is.

It makes me just so happy to even walk into this place. I always suspected living with beautiful spaces could add a spring to your step but I never suspected it could obliterate many other frustrations including bad days at work, ungrateful children, ten extra pounds on self, and uncooperative hair. I have no idea how my one-year old survived life in the house that was still a construction site without eating a rusty nail or killing herself with a drill.

The grand entrance

The island views.

The fridge view

The range view

The breakfast nook view.

Another one

The oven view

The bookshelf

Back of island

Young children narrowly escaping death by power tools.

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