WWYD for storage of these pots and pans?

3 years ago

We are in the beginning stages of planning a new build. I love to cook and have many large and small (heavy) cast iron Staub pots. I'll need to plan for accessible storage for most of these pots.

I'll have some kind of a walk in Pantry. I was thinking custom open cubbies, in the pantry, at just the right height so as not to have to reach overhead for the heavy ones. I'll also make sure there are drawers, in the kitchen, for my most used pots and skillets.

I've not been able to find any photos of what I'm thinking of and I'm open too other suggestions for pot storage.

I have a lot of pots and pans!! They have been collected over many years and still cook like a dream. I guess you can tell I don't like just one color. ;-)

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