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Electrolux or Frigidaire full fridge/full freezer Help!

5 years ago

Hi There! I'm about to embark on a kitchen remodel that has been literally years in the making. My husband and I bought my family home and my mom, after losing my dad five years ago, is living with us. We are all very much into cooking and baking, and to be honest, my mom might be a food hoarder... SO, we find ourselves needing a BIG ol' fridge. We are putting our money into a high end oven, and so subzero fridge/freezer is totally out of the question. Which leads me to the dilemma... Frigidaire or Electrolux? I know one is a parent company, so a lot of similarities. My issue is that I'm terrified of the online reviews... I don't want to plan on a giant hole in the cabinetry if the appliances are going to expire (RIP) in 3 years. I understand that the online review world can be a pretty dark place, but I'm so cautious about buying from this brand(s). Anyone have any insight on these two models? The differences between pro and gallery for Frigidaire, the differences between kitchen and icon for electrolux icon. Here, I understand one is the more "lux" option, but what are the nitty gritty differences? Woosh, okay, I think that's it for now... THANK YOU in advance for any insights :)

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