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Screen porch floor poorly done.

5 years ago

It is concrete surface over a basement room.

we had stone installed over the concrete floor and the installer did a terrible job. Lippage and a bad grout job with the product that is poured on dry and is supposed to harden. Well it never did. Sand is coming out of joints.

the mason was recommended by our stone rep. and he wants to make it right but I’m not sure he is capable or that I’m willing to let him try.

i want this room to be right....It will have to be torn out and redone. I just want this house done.

My interior tile guy is a perfectionist. He works alone and my tile (lots of it) is perfect. Lots of large format tile with no lippage. Is laying tile anything like laying exterior stone? Do tile people lay stone?

should we ask him to do it?

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