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Easiest way to fix this countertop / backsplash?

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I've had handymen fix it twice but all the water gathers up there and destroys the paint. Looking for an easy fix that will last 2-5 years. Tile won't fit there ( 1.5" space to the wall ). I could buy backsplash but don't want to deal with trying to cut tile. Thought of using wood but not matter how I treat it I'm sure water will destroy it sooner than later. Can I just sand it and cover it with grout or something similar? What's the easiest way to fix this embarrassing look? Not looking for perfection just something that I can do in 1 day and get it over with. This is disgusting. Just remodeled my bathroom and have little energy left for this.

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