Planning a wedding soon and need some advice.

Theodore Freeman

I’m working full time as an event planner and one of my clients referred me over to a group of Ukraine women from her pilates class. One of them is getting married early next year and the other girls are going to be her bridesmaids. I don’t really know much about what the dating or marriage culture is like in the Ukraine and I want to avoid planning any activities or saying anything that might be offensive to them. Anything I should know before I start working on the upcoming wedding ceremony? Thanks!

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Google is your friend. And be prepared to have a long talk with your client about what she wants. She might want to complately forget the old country, for all we know.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Agree with sushipup1. Best is to interview the client on her vision for her wedding, including any activities, decorations, symbols, etc., including what she does not want included.

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