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Tiling Shower Herringbone with 1/32" Grout lines, Having Issues

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hello everyone, I am im a bit of a pickle. I am tiling a clients shower with 3" x 6" marble tiles (nominal size) and they are not all rectified ( grouping a bunch together I can see that they are not all the exact same size and thickness). The client wants the herringbone pattern and in the beginning did not want any grout lines. When I did a dry run of the pattern, I realized that because of imperfection in the tile sizes, we would need to have grout lines. I recommended 1/16", but the client requested I use 1/32" spacers. Now that I have one of the shower walls complete, I had trouble making perfect grout lines which makes the installation look less than perfect. I began the second wall with hopes of paying more attention, sorting some tiles and trying to stick with tiles that were almost exact to one another. The wall started good but the higher I go, I find myself having to cheat a little with the placement of the tile. Please are there any suggestions to help me, if I have to redo the walls I will. I am just looking for advice and suggestions. Anything helps. Thanks

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