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Bathroom reno - backsplash tile and mirror options

Meg W
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hi - we are embarking on a full bathroom renovation for the kids' bath. All current tile and fixtures are being taken out but plumbing is staying in the same place. We have a ton of decisions to make but this morning I'm focusing on sink backsplash and how to place mirror over the vanity. The room is a basic 5x7', with tub/shower on one wall, and sink + toilet on the opposite wall. Here's a rough floor plan (the door narrowly misses the sink and hits up against the tub when open, opposite of door is the baseboard heating vent):

Given the layout, the sink top can be no more than 25" wide so the mirror option is either having one 25" or less to center over sink, or more of a full-wall effect over the sink and toilet. Right now it's the former (complete with broken medicine cabinet so it's only a poorly-lit half mirror!):

Some inspiration photos for full wall mirror (one with shelf extension over toilet, one without):

Mohawk · More Info

Clean and Simple · More Info

We also plan to only have the tub surround tiled, with the rest of the bathroom drywall-only instead of re-tiling the bottom half, so I need to figure out whether to do a sink-height tile border from the door around to where the towel bar is, like this (minus the gray subway tile):

Bringing the outdoors in- A Redondo Beach, CA Addition · More Info

or just the corner around the sink itself (like this, which I don't love

Complete Basement Renovation · More Info

Kids are still young and splashy so I want to have something other than the drywall directly up against the sink.

I'd love to hear thoughts or problems I haven't considered. We have a linen closet directly outside this bathroom for storing towels, extra toilet paper, extra toiletries, etc., so we are just planning to have a mirror, not medicine cabinet, and then enough storage for basics in the vanity. My one thought about the larger mirror is that if we can't have a double vanity, at least they can both use the mirror at the same time.


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