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Thoughts on my kitchen & pantry floor plan?

6 years ago

I've been lurking for a while, but this is my first post. I could really use some feedback on my kitchen design. The is a new house, but the footers have been poured so any changes have to fit within the existing footprint. A few things I want to change are:

1. There will be more (or larger) windows above the sink. I should have a nice view of the mountain.

  1. I want a larger sink. I'm considering the Create Good Sinks 46" apron or under mount. I originally wanted an apron sink, but thought it might be too much if I do such a large sink.

  2. I'm short (5'1"), so I'm seriously considering doing away with most upper cabinets and going with all drawers on the lower ones. I've never had large drawers on the lower cabinets. Are there any cons? I'll have the large walk-in pantry for larger small appliances.

  3. I think the island is currently drawn w/ a bar height counter on one side, but it will be all one height. Any suggestions on the ideal width? I think it could come out even with the counter next to the stove. I'm also debating whether I need to seat 5 people here. In my old house, we ate at the island all the time (3 little kids & carpet in the dining room). However, since my breakfast nook is right next to it maybe that isn't a necessity here?? Do you think there is room to seat 5 here by wrapping the seats around the side near the windows?

  4. The pantry area is supposed to be a pantry and office (mail/bill paying/meal planning). Any suggestions on how to separate the uses? I'm concerned it is such a large space, I'll come home and find a bicycle parked in it "because there is room"! (Anyone else live with a man that rationalizes things like that? LOL!)

  5. I also want a microwave in the kitchen. I'm considering a drawer in the island, but I've read a lot of negative things about those. Plus, although I'm short, my husband is 6'2" and that might be too low for him. I don't want it above the stove or just sitting on the counter. I want it to at least look like it is built-in and wasn't an after thought. Any suggestions where it should go?

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to improve upon the layout!

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