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Need color and placement colors to paint master bedroom

Dolly Maufras
4 years ago


I had shutters installed about 2 years ago. I have been wanting to paint our master bedroom but have held it off because I had no time to decide on a color.

I have seen in modern hotel rooms that they use 2 to 3 colors, one wall would be painted dark and the other walls, light (off white or white).

I'm interested in neutral colors, using the colors of our carpet (see photo).

Would anyone have any idea of colors in the beige family, maybe.

If I have two to three colors, one dark and one light, which wall would you use for the darking one. If you have a photo of the bedroom, that would be wonderful to see.

In this photo, you walk in and you see the windows.

Thank you for any advice and tips.



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