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Need help with colors for master bedroom/bath remodel

5 years ago

Looking for help in selecting coordinating color palette for a master bath/bedroom. The bathroom is being gutted and remodeled. The bedroom carpet is to be removed and replaced with some kind of laminate/tile flooring and also want to change the paint color in bedroom (BM dill pickle). The opening to the bathroom will be narrowed to accommodate one barn door. Thinking of killing two birds by making the barn door a full length mirror on the bedroom side. How would that look? Love jewel-toned colors. Like greens, blues and gray and white. Want the bathroom to be classic, elegant, timeless. Furniture is staying. Would like a more serene feeling bedroom. Maybe a softer green and colors that would coordinate in bathroom. The bathroom is flooded with natural light from a window. Bedroom some natural light but not as bright as the bathroom. Thoughts?

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