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Ficus Benjamina Dead or Alive?

4 years ago

It looks I have overdone the pruning and so the tree decided to throw off remaining leafs...

This is how the tree looks right now. After a couple weeks of thinking it has completely died, there started to grow some small leafs at the bottom of the trunk. I have verified it to be from original tree, and not an independent plant.

I am hoping that slowly life will crawl back into higher regions of trunk. Upper and mid part of trunk however seems to be dead now.

So how do I proceed? I see 2 scenarios:

1.) Do I wait for other leafs to grow from higher regions of trunk, or:

2.) Do I handle tree as would a small plant (as seen size on attached photo) that grew on base of trunk.

In first scenario, I would continue to water it as I would a large plant and keep in large container and also keep extensive root system.

In second case, I would cut trunk, trim roots and repot into smaller pot.

I would like to keep as much as possible from the trunk and would only cut some parts that take away excess energy. I still hope that leafs will appear in higher regions of trunk.

Any advices on how to proceed and what to expect from current state?

Many thanks!

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