Bedroom/Office/Living addition dilemma

I have a few design dilemmas

We have a 3bd 2 bath home. We need an extra bedroom. We want to have a bigger master bathroom as well since our existing one only has a standing shower. We want to have a jetted tub if possible. I need an office space. I currently have my desk in the guest bedroom but its not convenient for my family member who uses that room.

Dilemma 1: In the new master bedroom, I would love to have a small space for an office. I need it to be at least 7x7 space with door(french?) to keep the noise out. I want it to be part-of/accessible from the master bedroom so that my wife can feel I am around when I have to burn the midnight oil. Is it a good idea for valuation of the house? Or should I just have a larger 10x10 room, put a closet and call it another (5th) bedroom?

Dilemma 2: For the office room, I would like for it to have access on one side to the living room and also to the master bedroom. Is this a good idea? is this a bad thing for selling the home?

Dilemma 3: How valuable is a 1/2 bath or Powder room to a house. i.e is a 4 bd 2 bath house better or a 4 bd 2.5 bath with smaller master bedroom better?

Dilemma 4: We currently have a living room next to the family room with a doorway (no door). since I have toddlers the family room has clutter, so people coming to my living room can see it. I wanted to combine these 2 rooms and make a large family area. But cost/space is an issue. Is adding a new living room make sense in this scenario? does it add value? or should I leave it as is and instead use the space for an office room?

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