Natives for SW MI lake bluffs and dunes?

beesneeds(zone 6)

I'm looking for help on resources about natives for SW MI- Berrien County specifically.

Along the lakeshore some of the area is critical dunes, some of it not, and I have a mix of both to work on. I want and need to stick with natives of the area to plant in along sandy bluffs exposed to the lake waters to help hold them together and also open exposed curves/flats that are not so close to the water that it would be nice to plant in natives to fill in where the invasive non-native species are being removed.

I've looked up some native Michigan sites, and will be checking with my county extension and DEQ. Already hunted the local library for local plant books and came up with nada. Heard and talked to a lot of folk in the area that have given some mixed advice and opinions... And gosh, almost too much random native sites and local mixed advice and opinions...

So I wanted to see if there was anyone around here that could also provide imput, kind of give a fresh and blind set of eyes to this... if you know the area and can suggest natives, links to natives, good sources for Berrien County specific notes on what is supposed to grow there or could be reintroduced?

What are good plants to plant into a sandy bluff to help it, um.. stick together? Not erode- kind of how planting certain kinds of tough root grass can hold a dirt hill or bankside firm. No trees, has to be all under 6 foot tall stuff.

Are there pretty flowers or attractive smaller bushes that can be planted in where other things have been removed? There's already good stands of native grasses and sprawlers on the more open spaces, I'd like to add some color or different foliage if I can.

Sources for seeds, plants, and so on? I saw in a thread somewhere that there is a native grower somewhere up around Traverse City, but can't find it again.

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Jay 6a Chicago(5b/6a)

You can get all the info you need from the internet. Google lakeside dune native plants of southwest Michigan. If you are lucky enough to find them, get some seeds of the endangered plants in your area like Pitcher's Thistle and Houghtons goldenrod.

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