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Am I expecting too much from landscaper?

6 years ago

I'll try to make this short and to the point. I thought I had found a landscaper and got an estimate. I then asked for a contract in writing. The contract had no more detailed information other than the same estimate he texted me after visiting my home to look at my yard, no measurements or anything. He doesn't give the width of the flower beds or height of the beds, number of plants etc. We did discuss the type of plants that I wanted and he was ok with that, everything I selected is native to my area so no problem there. I asked him to meet with us today to pick up the contract and while just going over everything that we had previously discussed I mentioned putting a crepe myrtle at the end of my front porch and it seemed as though that was going to be a big deal so he said "looks like we need to start over" and took the contract back. I am stumped. Its so hard to find a landscaper as I am a about 17 mi from town therefore in the country (although he doesn't live far from me). Am I expecting too much?

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